JD: When you are at events around Orlando, out to dinner with your family or at functions in the business community, do you sense a buzz around team of the fan base embracing this current team and this rebuild?

MARTINS: ``There’s no doubt that there’s a buzz around town right now. I give so much credit to our fans because they understand what we’re doing. They believe in it and they know what the outcome is going to be over the next couple of years once we get all of the pieces in place. The fact that we had the worst record in the league last year and still averaged more than 17,000 fans and still to this day have the kind of buzz and anticipation is amazing. Everywhere I go, people admittedly say they are incredibly excited about the season. They know we’re probably not going to be a playoff team this season, but they are still incredibly excited about what we have going on. For the fans, it’s exciting to be there on the front end of the building process. As fans, they put the work and dedication in in a different way than the players and coaches do. So they understand what is going on and they are buying in and they deserve credit. And they are looking forward to the final outcome just as much as we are.’’



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