JD: You just mentioned the DeVos ownership team. How is the health of Mr. DeVos? When is the last time you have talked to him? And what is his excitement level for this season because I know he still enjoys watching as many games in Orlando as possible?

MARTINS: ``He was excited about this season the day that last season ended. I get to talk to him frequently and I just saw him up in Grand Rapids (Mich.) about three weeks ago. His health is good. He’s a little frustrated because he’s mostly confined to his wheelchair now. But his health is great as ever and he absolutely loves his team. It’s one of the highlights of his life behind his family. When I saw him last month, he said, `I can’t wait for the games to start. I’ve been looking forward to this all summer.’ He’s looking forward to seeing how all of the guys have progressed and he’s looking forward to getting back into the Amway Center again. So he’s got as much anticipation as anybody about this upcoming season.’’



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