JD: As you have repeatedly pointed out, the Magic have shown great resiliency through the years by always bouncing back from tough times and getting into the championship hunt. After some lean years of rebuilding, Orlando got Shaq and got The Finals in 1995. The Magic retooled with free agents Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill in 2000, and built around Dwight Howard to get to the 2009 NBA Finals. Now, the team seems to be on the rise again. Would you say that the resiliency has been a hallmark of this franchise through the years?

MARTINS: ``That’s certainly our history. We’ve been resilient and we’ve rebuilt quickly, but that’s a testament to our ownership. They’ve been willing to invest in the roster and the product on the floor so that we could get back to prominence on the floor. What we have not had in the past that we do now have is a systematic and process-oriented approach that should allow us to sustain our success so that we don’t have that big dive again that we have to rebuild from. Like others who have embraced the systematic approach, such as the San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City, we want to sustain our success for long periods of time. For whatever reason – whether it’s a player leaving or retires – it’s just a small tweak that they have to make rather than a rebuld. Our hope is the next time that we get to The Finals, the next year we’ll be right back there competing for a championship again. We want to get back there quickly rather than taking that dip.

``So maybe it’s not about solely focusing on free agency in rebuilding. It’s more about developing a core so that from year-to-year it’s tweaks instead of having to make major additions through free agency. You want pieces that fit in with the core so that you can sustain success over a long period of time.

``We have to make sure that we’re developing our players and putting the time and effort into them. I give all the credit in the world for all of the work that they have put in with our players every day. Their whole focus is on making our players better. When you have that kind of focus, it pays off in the long run.’’



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