JD: GM Rob Hennigan has a buzzword that he uses often -- ``systematic.’’ In what ways has that systematic approach spread throughout every decision that is made by this organization?

MARTINS: ``It takes a lot of patience and resolve, but that approach is already paying big dividends for us. Because of our strategic approach – whether it’s being one of the first teams in sports to embrace analytics and having a department of five people solely focused on looking at numbers, that helps us make the right decisions. Or maybe it’s the way we approach our corporate sponsors and how we want to deliver them a return on their investment. That systematic approach, that strategic approach to our business is already paying dividends on the business side.

``It’s a new system on the basketballs side, but I think it’s already paying dividends there as well. The assets that we have gotten in any deal done so far have clearly been maximized. And we’ve developed a core group of guys who want to play the right way and have the work ethic and the approach toward team that you find in every championship team. It requires patience and a lot of discipline. We live in a `want-it-now’ culture and it’s really, really hard when the pressure of expectations are coming from the four walls of this organization. But we honestly believe that we’re doing the right way and establishing the building blocks for the future so that we can sustain some great success. And I don’t think it’s that far away for us.’’



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