JD: For six straight years your staff has contributed at least 6,000 hours of work in the community and in January you will once again give away $1 million to several nonprofit organizations in Central Florida. You commitment to giving back to the community is something that is real and not just lip service. How much pride do you take in your organization making a difference in the community?

MARTINS: ``It’s just a part of who we are and it’s a part of our values system. I’d like to think that people work here not just because it’s fun to work here or we’re a sports team, but because all of our values are aligned. We do those kind of things because we want to do them, not because we have to. We don’t require our staff to commit to any of those volunteer hours, but they beg us for opportunities to go out and help others. Once again, we had more than 6,000 hours in the community and I couldn’t be prouder of our staff and their personal desire to help our community out. It’s just our way of saying `thank you’ to a community that supports us.

``And this year a big part of what we do with our philanthropic efforts, it’s going to be tied to our 25th anniversary. Included in that OMYF grant money that we will disperse, there will be 25 key partners to symbolize 25 years of Magic basketball.’’



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