Denton: Q&A with CEO Alex Martins


JD: As for head coach Jacque Vaughn, he seems to have the perfect temperament that you want in a coach guiding a young team. How impressed are you with the way that Jacque has handled having a team in transition?

MARTINS: ``I’ve been incredibly impressed by Jacque. He’s everything that I had hoped that he would be and more. Clearly, when someone hasn’t been a head coach yet there’s always a question of how he makes the transition sitting in the next chair (from assistant to head coach). He’s handled it better than anyone would have expected. He does have the right temperament for this process, but also he’s got the right temperament for a team that is going to be very successful in the future as well. He has that great balance of teaching and holding players accountable. Those are hard traits to find in a head coach.

``And at the end of the day, Jacque is a giver. He gives more to our players and they appreciate that. They understand that he genuinely cares about them and wants them to become better players. Again this past summer, I’ve been incredibly impressed with how Jacque has personally taken in Victor Oladipo to make sure that he is as well-prepared for his first season in the NBA as he could be. He’s been very hands on with him and he wants the best for Vic. He spent a good amount of time with him, and it’s totally a volunteer thing on Victor’s part. (Oladipo) has come and asked for the help and it’s been an impressive start for Jacque and Victor.’’



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