JD: As someone who has worked a lot of jobs in this organization and has seen the growth of the franchise and the construction of the Amway Center, what does a 25-year anniversary mean to you for the Magic?

MARTINS: "It’s a really special landmark for our franchise. It clearly signifies that we’re not the new kid on the block any more and we’re not an expansion franchise by any stretch of the imagination. And we’ve got a really rich history now. You take the last 20 years of the franchise after those initial building years of the expansion team and we have a history of being one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference over that period. So we’ve built a winning tradition in these 25 years, getting to The Finals twice and to the Conference Finals a few times. We haven’t gotten to what our ultimate championship is and that’s to win the NBA championship, but I think you can look back at the first 25 years of this franchise and say that we’ve built one of the most competitive and successful franchises in the NBA.’’



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