In Oladipo, Vaughn still sees a willing learner and someone who certainly isn’t lacking confidence despite what the NBA has thrown at him so far. Vaughn said the only way for Oladipo to learn how to properly play point guard is to be on the floor, and he’ll continue to give him opportunities to learn.

``It’s a tough position to play to have the ball in your hands and make decisions,’’ Vaughn said. ``A lot of times playing by instincts is better than thinking too much, so I think right now that’s OK to do. He’ll continue to grow and that’s a great thing. He’ll have the games to grow and get better.’’

Like Afflalo, Vaughn is eager to see how his rookie responds to the challenge of facing the Celtics and Bradley for a second time in four nights on Monday. Oladipo is a couple of days wiser now and he just wants to continue on his stated mission of getting a little bit better every time that he steps on the court.

``I’m looking forward to playing (the Celtics) in general. It was a tough loss for us (on Friday) and it led up to (Saturday’s loss in Atlanta),’’ Oladipo admitted. ``So I’m just looking forward to that (Boston) game.’’



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