Denton: Oladipo Excited to Get Season Started


And Oladipo said on Sunday that at some point on Tuesday night that he’s going to try to look around Indiana’s Conseco Field as savor the magnitude of the moment. He’s played several games in that building while with the Hoosiers and he and buddies would often make the hour drive north to take in Pacers games. But this will be the first time he’s down on that floor playing as a NBA player.

``I’ll probably do that, but hopefully it’s not too soon in the game. Hopefully I’m not trying to guard somebody and I’m like, `Whoa, I’m in the NBA,’’ he said with a laugh. ``But I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be fun and it will be an amazing atmosphere.’’

Oladipo said the process of tempering his expectations is a battle because he so desperately wants to be a great player in the NBA. At Indiana, his off-day and after-practice work ethic was legendary, and he used that formula to make himself an elite player.



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