Denton: Oladipo Brushed Aside All Doubts


He’s had to somewhat battle himself in that he wants to win and wants to be great now, but he’s had to also remind himself that leaning a new position is a daily lesson to learn. Sometimes he passes and sometimes he fails, but he’s remained resolute.

``It’s hard to understand sometimes because I just want to win and I want this team to be successful. But it’s all a process for me,’’ he said. ``I hold myself to very high standards. When I do make mistakes, it’s kind of upsetting because I feel I’m at a stage where I shouldn’t make those. But it’s a process and I’m a rookie and I’ve never seen all of the stuff I’m seeing now. I have to remind myself of that sometimes, but I have to keep growing.’’

In many ways, Oladipo sees this challenge of adapting to the point guard position the same as he did when he was trying to make his way in basketball as a high school kid or a college freshman. He overcame those doubts and he is confident that, in time, he will do the same as point guard for the Magic. He returns to his native Washington, D.C., both as proof that he’s made it and that he still has a long way to go.

``I still have to work to make this climb (in the NBA). It’s all a process, just like before when it was a process for me,’’ he said. ``I just have to continue growing and working hard even though it gets frustrating some times. I have my share of ups and downs, but there’s light at the end of that tunnel, trust me.

``People don’t worry about those odds (that he’s overcome already); people only worry about what’s in front of me. Me playing point guard is one of the odds that people don’t think I can overcome,’’ he went on to say. ``People have their own opinions and if they feel that way it’s fine. But I’m going to keep working because I know that I can be very good at the position. I’m going to continue to keep working like I always have.’’