But the challenge that Oladipo most looks forward to is the one where veterans routinely attack him and test his physical and mental mettle. He knows there will be nights when Kobe Bryant is screaming the nastiest of trash talk in his ear to see if he’ll cower. He knows that Russell Westbrook is going to hound him all over the floor to gauge his ball-handling abilities and that Carmelo Anthony will knock him to the floor to test his toughness. And, as he learned this summer when Kevin Durant unleashed his entire offensive arsenal on him during a charity game, Oladipo is well aware that star players are going to go right at him to make him prove the worthiness of his lofty No. 2 ranking.

Bring it on, Oladipo says humbly but confidently.

``I wouldn’t expect anything different. I’m looking forward to all of those moments in games. But most of all I’m looking forward to winning and getting this thing back to where it needs to be,’’ Oladipo promised. ``I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been challenged pretty much all my life. I’m a rookie and they’ve got to attack that. I’m just going to be patient, let the game come to me and make the right plays.’’