Afflalo’s scoring average incredibly rose for a sixth consecutive NBA season to 16.5 points per game, but the increased pressure to be Orlando’s primary scorer every night caused some slippage in other areas. He had 19 20-point games and two dazzling 30-point performances, but it was the drop off in shooting percentages and the rise in turnovers that bothered Afflalo.

Now in his second training camp with the Magic, Afflalo’s focus is once again on becoming a highly efficient player and one who sets a tone with his aggressive, in-your-face defense.

``Me getting better doesn’t mean I’m adding new things or expanding my role; it’s just about me being more and more effective with the things that I know I can do well,’’ Afflalo said. ``That means knocking down the three at a high percentage. It means not only shooting a good percentage from the (free throw) line, but getting there more. Last year, it was my first experience with having a lot of attention from defenses, and now it’s about picking my spots and being more effective.’’