``I feel great. I feel like I’m in the best running condition as possible for me and I’m still trying to get as much body strength as possible so I can be efficient,’’ said Afflalo, who said there are so aftereffects from last April’s hamstring injury. ``The biggest focus was my body and trying to maximize the tools that I have to put myself in a position to be an effective player. Also I want to stay injury free. It was more than just trying to rehabilitate my hamstring; it’s about getting the most out of my capabilities this season.’’

Afflalo still thinks he can play elite basketball this season and match the numbers put up by some of the NBA’s other all-star wing players. But instead of trying to do too much, the focus this season is on being a smarter player who keeps the focus on what he does best. He wants to take good shots and not force shots. He wants to utilize his teammates better, become a playmaker when need be and get back to being the highly efficient player he was early in his career.

``Mentally, I had to calm myself a little bit and just enjoy the game and enjoy the challenge. I have to use my teammates to be more effective than trying to play through the occasional double team or being at the top of the scouting report,’’ Afflalo said. ``I’m just trying to be efficient with everything that I do offensively and defensively and play within the team concept. I want to be as effective as possible while working within the team concept with all of the guys. I’m enjoying it, I’m getting to know the offense and I’m trying to be a leader on the defensive end.’’