The dynamic between the two factions of the Magic roster is an interesting one. Clearly, the Magic’s younger players learn from the veterans, and head coach Jacque Vaughn stopped a practice recently to have Maxiell – an eight-year veteran – demonstrate low-post defense to younger players. Conversely, the rookies often inspire the veterans with their playful energy and enthusiasm.

``I think we keep those guys young. I know I try to keep Jameer young by keeping him laughing all of the time,’’ O’Quinn said of the Magic’s veteran players. ``It’s a great combination because with the youth we’re still learning. And over a long season you kind of get tired of hearing coach’s voice, so coming from a different point of view from a (veteran) player’s voice it’s different. Maybe you’ll accept something better from a veteran player more than you will from a coach. There’s so much knowledge from these veteran players and we accept it.’’