The players were responsible for holding one another accountable, and the form of peer pressure has done wonders for the Magic’s talent base this season.

``If Tobias was in the gym, then I wanted to get into the gym. Then, Mo is mad that we didn’t call him and he joins us. And we get here and ‘Drew (Nicholson) is already here,’’ said O’Quinn, Orlando’s second-year center. ``Tobias lives in the same building as me and if I didn’t see his car or he didn’t see my car, he’d shoot me a text that he was headed to the gym and he wanted to know where I was. It made everybody be on time, get good work in and get better.

``We’ve all worked to improve our games and we’ve seen that improvement right before our eyes because we were together all summer,’’ O’Quinn continued. ``And now from a team aspect, our improvement is just making the games easier for us because everybody is handling their own part.’’

The Magic’s across-the-board improvement will be put to the test on Wednesday night at the Amway Center when they host the deep and dynamic Los Angeles Clippers (3-1) at the Amway Center. Since losing to the Lakers in flukish fashion on Opening Night, the Clippers have ripped off impressive wins against Golden State, Sacramento and Houston. On Monday against the Rockets, the Clippers had 78 points at halftime, crossed the 100-point plateau late in the third period, made a whopping 15 of 38 3-point shots and won 137-118.



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