Denton: Magic vs. Pistons Analysis (1/28/14)


Orlando (12-34) lost a second consecutive game when it couldn’t generate much offense and couldn’t match the muscle of Pistons’ frontline players Andre Drummond (13 points and 17 rebounds), Greg Monroe (eight points and 11 rebounds) and Josh Smith (16 points). The Magic scored just 60 points in the game’s first three quarters and they couldn’t get back into the game in the fourth despite a spirited effort from the team’s youthful second unit.

Veteran point guard Jameer Nelson was disappointed in the Magic’s fight even though they knew they were going into a game that would challenge them physically.

``We just have to play tougher and take more pride and ownership in what we do, individually and collectively,’’ Nelson fumed. ``I feel like we didn’t do that at all tonight. We knew who they were in terms of the style of play that they played and it seemed like they surprised us.

``It felt like we came into the game shocked that they were so physical with us,’’ Nelson added. ``We have to be more zoned in on what that team is going to do.’’


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