Denton: Howard Impressed with 'New' Magic


Injured and mostly miserable last season while with the Lakers, Howard admits now that he went looking this past summer for a situation similar to what he had in Orlando. In addition to having to work his way through back and shoulder injuries last season, Howard was unhappy on and off the floor in Los Angeles. He said rather candidly on Tuesday that there were times last season when he missed all that he worked to build in Orlando while playing there from 2004-12.

``There were some things that I missed about Orlando. There were a lot of situations that people didn’t know about because I kept it on the inside,’’ said Howard, whose Rockets host the Magic in preseason action on Wednesday in Houston. ``There are some things about Orlando that I miss like getting out in the community and doing stuff that I did there. I miss being able to do that stuff in Orlando. And the relationships that I built with a lot of people there in Orlando, I miss that.

``But I have no regrets and I’m happy that everything happened the way that it happened,’’ he continued. ``I got hurt in the process and had to go through a tough time (in Orlando and Los Angeles), but it made me a better person. I’m more mature now and I know how to handle situations better now.’’



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