``Each and every day I think about being great,’’ Harris said Wednesday before the Magic’s second practice of training camp. ``When I wake up in the morning, I always ask myself, `How will I be great today? What will I do to be great?’ And when the day is over, `What did I do to be great?’ Each and every day I have a goal for myself because I want to expand my game. If you have the right mindset, you work hard and you keep doing the right things, only success can come from that.’’

Heading into his third NBA season and his second with the Magic, Harris is expanding his goals. He truly believes that he has the skill set and the supporting cast around him to make a run at getting picked to play in the NBA All-Star Game. If he can build off his 27 games with the Magic – when he scored 20 points nine times and 30 points twice – he thinks he can help the Magic make great strides and put himself in the running for an All-Star bid.

``Going into the season, being an all-star is definitely one of my top individual goals,’’ he stressed. ``I think I have the ability, and with the team that is around me and the coaching staff embracing me as a player, I think I have that ability. It’s important to go into a season with those type of goals to push myself as a player and push our team to be the best that it can be.’’