Harkless tore apart his shooting stroke over the summer and rebuilt it piece-by-piece so that his release is more in front of his head and it is quicker coming out of his hands. He shot hundreds of corner 3-pointers and free throws a day, to the point that he now expects every one that leaves his hand to go in.

That wasn’t always the case last year when he was unsure of both when to shoot and whether or not the shot would be successful. There was a moment in Orlando’s 110-90 rout of New Orleans on Friday when Harkless caught a pass in the corner, peeked down at his feet a la Ray Allen to make sure he was behind the 3-point stripe, and let fly a high-arching shot that found nothing but net.

``It’s a work in progress for me. I just have to play confident and take those shots. I know they won’t go in if I don’t shoot them,’’ said Harkless, who made six of 10 shots, two of four 3-pointers and six of eight free throws on Friday night. ``I’m a lot more confident now because I put in a lot of work this summer. I work every day at it and it will pay off eventually.’’

Magic veteran shooting guard Arron Afflalo, who was also dialed in and scored 30 points on Friday, playfully laughs at the notion that Harkless has figured out the game now that he’s one year into the NBA, saying, ``he’s much older now, huh?’’ Afflalo’s dressing stall in the Magic locker room is strategically placed right next to that of Harkless, something Afflalo admits is, ``something I think (management) did on purpose.’’



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