He shot a respectable 46.1 percent for the season, but that number was somewhat deceiving because most of Harkless’ baskets came on dunks, layups and hard cuts to the rim. According to basketball-reference.com, Harkless 28.4 percent on shots 3-to-9 feet, 25 percent on shots 10-to-15 feet, 11.8 percent on shots 16-to-23 feet and 27.4 percent on 3-pointers.

That prompted Harkless to undergo a major overhaul of his jump shot over the summer. He basically re-worked every facet of his shot, from the way he holds the ball in his hands, to his launch point, to the timing on his release. He was a willing learner and one determined to better his shot so that he could make defenses pay for sagging back.

``I’m working on releasing it higher and releasing it quicker and I’m trying to move the ball out in front of me a little more,’’ Harkless said. ``Last year, I would get the ball behind my head sometimes and now I want to get it out in front of me so that I can shoot the same shot every time.’’