Denton's Analysis: Harris surprised many around the NBA last season when he came to Orlando and evolved into a dominant scorer after mostly not playing for two seasons in Milwaukee. He scored 20 points nine times and put up 30 against the Wizards and Bucks. And his ``All-Business’’ nickname took shape as he played like someone focused on quickly becoming great.

Most of Harris’ scoring late last season came with Afflalo out with a hamstring tear and Nelson hobbled by a host of minor injuries. Now, Harris will have to learn to coexist in a lineup where several other players need the ball as well. He’ll have to be better at moving without the ball and doing things such as screening and passing out of double teams to keep the offense running smoothly.

NBA Hall of Famer George Gervin, who is expected to be in attendance on Wednesday night, has been an advisor to Harris for years. ``The Iceman’’ gave the Magic forward some good advice over the summer that should help him continue to be aggressive, while also becoming a more efficient offensive player.

``Going to San Antonio and speaking to George Gervin, he preached to me that just because I have the green light doesn’t mean I have to shoot it all of the time,’’ Harris said. ``It means I have to take the shots that I can make and will make.’’