Denton: Davis Lightest Since Eighth Grade


Some people might not consider 300 pounds to be thin, but it is for Davis, who set that benchmark as a goal over the summer and has hovered around three bills for much of the past month of action with the Magic. When considering Davis’ size you must realize he was once banned from Pee Wee football as an elementary student because he was too big; he once pinned Shaquille O’Neal to the ground while playfully wrestling the superstar player when he was just 13 years old (more on that later); Davis once got as big as 370 pounds in high school when he was a three-sport star, including a tailback who scored five touchdowns; and he’s played much of his NBA career at 330-plus pounds.

``Back then,’’ Davis said, shaking his head, ``I was huge.’’

Davis’ coach, Jacque Vaughn, and closest friend on the team, Arron Afflalo, have been impressed with the big man’s discipline when it comes to keeping the weight off and staying in great basketball shape.

``There is a lot of levels to being a professional and that constitutes not only what you do on the court, but also off the court,’’ Vaughn said. ``There are different stages in guy’s career where you receive the information and put it into practice. Glen is at a stage where he sees the benefit of taking care of himself off the floor as well as on it.’’

Added Afflalo: ``You have to commend him because (10 months) is a long time to be out. I’ve been out a long time before, but I’m used to being this size. But for a bigger guy, weight maintenance is a tough thing to do. So I commend him for being out so long and staying committed to the weight room and cardio. He kept himself ready to play.’’


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