Denton: Afflalo Greatly Improved This Season


Wednesday night’s moment, Magic coach Jacque Vaughn said, was like a coronation of all the work that Afflalo put in the offseason and the changes that he made to his game. Vaughn lauded Afflalo for not being set in his ways as a player and being willing to make adaptations that would make him better individually and the Magic better as a whole. Vaughn said if anyone deserves the success it is Afflalo, who makes the sacrifices to better himself.

``He continues to challenge himself. A lot of it is his makeup and the character that lies within him. He really wants to be great and he wants to come back each year as a better player,’’ Vaughn said. ``I know for sure, on a consistent basis, he’s watching games. Whether he’s getting with our video coordinator and watching a DVD of the game or he’s getting different cut-ups of offensive and defensive portions of the game. He’s pretty consistent at not only playing the game, but also doing the homework that goes with it.’’

Afflalo spent the first five years of his career in Detroit and Denver as a complimentary piece on veteran-laden teams. Deep down, he was hungry for more of a role so that he could show off the growth in his game. That opportunity came when he was traded to Orlando in August 2012, a transaction that he welcomed because of the fresh start offered in Orlando.



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