Point Guard Prep

Magic veteran point guard Jameer Nelson is into his 10th season in the NBA, but he said he still studies opponents and pours over pregame game plans as if he were a rookie. He said that he must do that because of the talent that he has to face every night at the point guard position – arguably the NBA’s deepest position.

Nelson had to face Indiana’s George Hill in the opener and he went against Minnesota’s Ricky Rubio on Wednesday. While Hill generally looks to score, Rubio is more of a pass-first point guard. Ahead for Nelson over the next week are games against New Orleans’ Jrue Holiday and Tyreke Evans, Brooklyn’s Deron Williams and Clippers superstar Chris Paul.

Nelson knows that he must do his homework on a nightly basis if he’s going to slow down some of the game’s best playmakers at the point guard position.

``I do my homework because I’m a professional on and off the court,’’ Nelson said. ``I watch film on these guys – even outside of the film that the rest of the team is watching. I read the game plan before every game so that I can try to take something away. You can’t take everything away from these guys because they are NBA players and they all have counters. I just try to limit those guys as much as possible.’’



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