Magic Dancers: The Bar Method

By Josh Cohen
August 30, 2011

ORLANDO -- Choosing a fitness routine that is most effective for you can be extremely challenging.

Depending on what your goals are will generally determine what types of training exercises are most appropriate for you.

Experimenting, however, with a variety of workout programs is sometimes the only way to ultimately decide which exercises you can rely on for maximum success.

There is no doubt that if you ask all of the Orlando Magic Dancers, moreover, which program is most grueling for utmost results, they each would probably suggest The Bar Method.

While it doesn’t really look that rigorous from afar, it’s likely that when you are finished with a one-hour session you will be incredibly surprised how intense it actually is.

On Tuesday, the Magic Dancers completed a Bar Method session taught by one of their own at the studio in Winter Park.

The class was instructed by third year dance veteran Kendra, who is highly trained and very experienced in the Bar Method techniques.

For a group of entertainers who are in extraordinarily top physical shape to collectively say this workout program made them each feel like they had never exercised before in their lives, it must be worthwhile. As one dancer said immediately at the conclusion of the class, "looks can be deceiving."

The Bar Method’s formula focuses on non-impact, deep muscle and very precise movements that will help elongate muscles.

After a relatively short number of sessions, evidence shows that your legs will look longer, your abs will flatten, your thighs shrink and your shoulders, chest and arms will become lean and defined.

While this program is generally not sweat inducing like aerobic exercises, the effects may be even more conspicuous.

The Magic Dancers left the studio with amazing energy and some disbelief on its effectiveness.

It’s a supreme workout for dancers and undeniably it’s probable that the Magic Dancers will frequently visit The Bar Method studio throughout the season.