2011-12 Orlando Magic Dancer Profiles: Kendra

Name: Kendra

Nickname: Ken doll, Kenny Ken, K Money

Year on Team: 3rd year veteran/Team Leader

Birthday and Age: April 18, 1983 - 29 years old

Birthplace/Hometown: Lubbock Texas/Atlanta, GA

Nationality: Caucasian

Do you speak any foreign languages: Conversational Spanish… I took five years and lived in Spain for 6 months, and embarrassed to say I’m not fluent, but I can understand the majority

High School: North Cobb High School, Kennesaw, GA

College: Georgia Tech Institute of Technology

Class, Year, Major and Degree: Summer 2006, BS in Biology

Current Occupation: Bar Method Instructor/Dance Instructor/Performer

Professional Dance Experience: Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Walt Disney World Entertainment

Stylist: Demarco, Stella Luca Salon

Hobbies: Writing... especially Poetry, Arts and crafts, Playing Lacrosse, Choreography and Production

Community Causes I Support: Donate Life for America, Give Kids the World, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Children’s Miracle Network, Habitat for Humanity

Suprising fact about me: I was a hard core tomboy back in the day…I never thought I’d see the day I’d put on a pair of heels…hmm my closet seems to be abundant with them now…what?

Superstitions or Rituals: Hmmm… I’m not to superstitious it’s not really my style. However, as part of this team you become a little bit, and I now do partake and fully believe in all of our crazy pregame rituals

Achievement I'm most proud of: Graduating with honors from Georgia Tech, it was a long ride, but definitely worth it.

Other Talents: Lacrosse, Acting, Designing, Singing, Writing, and Imitations (I love them!)

If I wasn't a Dancer: Pediatrician

Favorite Food: Caprese…Mozzarella cheese and tomatoes…yummy!!

Favorite Book: All time favorite is Anne of Green Gables…since I was a kid. However, I just finished reading Flowers for Algernon and it may be ranking pretty high up there on my list.

Favorite Movie: All movies with Will Ferrel steal my heart, but I always love a good throwback like the Princess Bride, Top Gun or any of the Disney Classics!

Favorite TV Shows: Scrubs… it’s amazing, but I’m also a huge fan of grey’s anatomy, and sadly enough I’m hooked on the Bachelor/Bachelorette!

Right now I'm listening to: Some sweet 80's tunes on my IPod!

Most unusual job I've ever had: Being an assistant art auctioneer

10 years ago at this time I was: Just getting my driver’s license and driving around like I was the hottest thing since sliced bread!

I never travel without: My pen and paper to doodle, write, or draw

Advice for young Dancers: Never let anyone get you down or ruin your dream. You are unique in your own way and have your own strengths. There will always be someone is who a better technical dancer, ballerina, or performer than you are, but don’t let this stop you. Use it as motivation and always push yourself to your limits and challenge yourself to grow each day. You can achieve anything you put your mind to!

Favorite Magic Memory: Wow. This is difficult because I feel each memory as an OMD is special in its own way. I have to say though it’s always the kids that impact me the most. I will always treasure my Jr. Magic dancers for the day, and one of my most memorable being a wonderful little girl name Lana. She has the hugest heart and most positive outlook and truly reminded me why I Love my job. Her smile is still imprinted in my brain, and I often use the memory to brighten up cloudy days. Also, I will never forget the surprise party we had for the beautiful and amazing Talia. Her make a wish was to have a party with the Magic dancers, and her face when we surprised her was priceless! Her story is inspirational, and it is moments like these that put the world’s small worries in a real perspective. Thanks Talia for your strength and courage, you are truly an angel!

10 years from now: Having started a family and pursuing a career that I love. I hope to be pursuing my dreams working with children whether it is in pediatrics or owning a studio. I hope to continue to surround myself by the youth who inspire me each and every day.