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Cohen: Magic, Florida Hospital Leaders Discuss Health

By Josh Cohen
September 13, 2011

ORLANDO -- Over the last several months, some of the Orlando Magic’s most distinguished figures have extended their knowledge of fitness and nutrition. Now, they each are educating others on the importance of physical health.

On Tuesday, Magic President Alex Martins, Senior Vice President Pat Williams and Head Coach Stan Van Gundy joined Florida Hospital’s Executive Vice President Des Cummings Jr. and Director of the Florida Hospital Celebration Health Assessment Dr. Frank Stone to discuss this subject at Amway Center in front of more than 40 executives from companies around Central Florida.

Each of the panelists provided personal experiences that helped reveal best exercise and nutrition practices, shed light on the significance of frequently visiting doctors to assure quality health and explain how critical it is for organization leaders to provide extensive health care for their employees.

Williams, for instance, who earlier this year was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable but treatable blood disease, enlightened the audience on his daily regimen to combat the cancer.

The father of 19 children explained how shortly before finding out he had the disease, he had a routine physical that showed no signs of any health issues. But just weeks later following the comprehensive and thorough Celebration Health Assessment test provided by Florida Hospital, physicians detected a problem and suddenly his thought-to-be perfect health had taken an unexpected turn.

With his positive attitude and aggressive approach to treat the illness, however, Williams is on the right path to live healthily and effervescently.

“The most important thing he (Dr. Robert Reynolds) told me was go live your life, just go live your life,” he said. “He said we’ll tuck the medical stuff around it. I have taken that advice to heart.”

Martins and Van Gundy, meanwhile, have become more aware and stringent with their meal choices and have developed progressive exercise habits.

With guidance from physicians, both have seen vast improvements in their overall health. They are eating better, working out more at the gym and, as a result, are able to be more active in their every day lives.

Also, by being more proactive with their own personal health, these leaders have been able to assist in their employee’s mission to uphold quality fitness.

“We’re in the sports business, we’re in the health and wellness business and we need to provide leadership in that,” Martins said. “Through allowing our senior team to go through the executive physicals, we provide that kind of leadership on the physical portion of being excellent.”

Van Gundy, meanwhile, credits the health assessment test and direction from his doctor to make major changes in his life.

“Now I do some form of aerobic exercise every day,” he said. “It was put to me simple. I didn’t feel pressure. I just tried to make a lifestyle change.”

After the discussion, Van Gundy led all of the guests on a tour through the Magic’s training facility. The coach showed everyone the team’s locker room, workout facility and treatment center.