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Cohen: The Hair Decision

By Josh Cohen
August 24, 2011

ORLANDO -- They say we make about 35,000 decisions in our lives EACH DAY. Yes, 35,000, as preposterous as that may sound to you and I.

A few dozen of those decisions probably relate to our meal choices. Should I eat a plate of waffles with turkey sausage for breakfast today; should I opt for some peanut butter and bananna on whole wheat bread or should I just kid myself and try to go foodless until my work meeting is over at 11:30 and think I won’t regret that decision within about 12 minutes?

Another hundred of these critical daily decisions involve awkward social moments. When at the mall, for instance, and you spot someone you formerly were close with but haven’t seen since N'Sync was tearing up the record charts, you have to make some quick, but, crucial decisions. What if he or she doesn’t even remember you? There is so much racing in your mind about how to handle this social situation that perhaps you just follow the Billy Madison guideline and invite the person out for a cup of coffee some day (this will fly over your head if you haven’t seen the movie).

Decisions are practically endless. But every once in a while, deciding on the best, most fashionable, most dynamic, most trendy, most “you” hairstyle is near the top of the decision-making list.

Many of the Orlando Magic Dancers are presently in the middle of this decisive decision.

You see, unlike the average person who can choose to have a Justin Bieber haircut on Tuesday but then decide to have a Josh Cohen (a style rich in creativity, flare and originality – also known as a shaved head) on Thursday can easily make the change.

But for the Magic Dancers, the hairstyle they opt with this week will essentially be their hairstyle for the next 10 months after they pose for costume and swimsuit photo shoots in the next two weeks.

It’s imperative for the Magic Dancers to maintain a consistent appearance so that there is a way to always recognize and identify each individual performer.

Furthermore, terms such as permanent relaxers, bangs, color enhancement, extensions, feathers, weaves, curling, etc. are at the forefront of the “decision list.”

While at the extraordinary hair salon, Stella Luca, in Winter Park, I got the opportunity to watch some of the Magic Dancers, including rookies Gizelle and Laine and veterans Jessica and Shalize, finalize this important decision.

It was very apparent after the stylists, which included Danielle Schmitz, Demarco Mireles, Jesse Yeager and Michael Rains, completed their work on the dancers that jobs were well done.

“I’m really happy with it. I really wanted something new and the bangs I added looks great,” Gizelle said.

While at Stella Luca, it was very apparent how friendly and helpful all of the stylists are in assisting their clients to make the best possible hair-related decisions.

At one point, Schmitz and Rains teamed up to apply some color enrichment to Jessica’s hair. (CHECK OUT SOME PHOTOS).

Throughout the next week, more of the Magic Dancers will arrive at Stella Luca for hair appointments and only time will tell which fashion they choose to roll with.

Unlike making a dentist appointment where you have to contend with that incredibly uncomfortable suction device (always weird when you have to swallow with that thing driving you insane) or a car appointment so that an auto mechanic can say you have to shell out $2,450 to fix a half-working carburetor, a date with the hair stylist is fun and relaxing.

All the smiles on the Magic Dancers’ faces while at Stella Luca proved that.



On Wednesday night, team leader Tara, who is in her fifth year as a Magic Dancer, taught all of her teammates a routine that she personally choreographed. It’s called Cannibal and several dance team members will perform this routine at NBA Madness Manila 2011 in late September.

The event in the Philippines is a mall and school based activity that will incorporate basketball and cheer dance elements. The week-long activity will feature three NBA Dance Teams (Orlando, Denver and Portland), an NBA Legend and an NBA Mascot and will be free to the public.

Six Magic Dancers, including Tara, Kendra, Victoria, Shalize, Priya and Lyndsay, along with Manager Jeanine Klem-Thomas, who is part Filipino, will be attending the event.

The Magic Dancers also tried on costumes that they will wear next Thursday for a photo shoot.