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Cohen: UnitedHealthcare and Orlando Magic Encourage Local Youth to Stay Active and Healthy

By Josh Cohen
July 18, 2011

ORLANDO -- Sometimes it takes a certain kind of instruction and demonstration to show kids that there is an abundance of ways to be active and stay healthy.

While it is obvious to most children that nutrition and exercise are essential for their overall development, many young people don’t necessarily understand that being healthy can be fun and rejuvenating.

On Sunday at the Meadow Woods Orlando Magic Orange County Community Gym, UnitedHealthcare partnered up with the Orlando Magic to create an event that elucidates just how enjoyable it can be while also explaining to the attendees the importance and benefits of having low-cost health insurance for children.

“Our intention was to bring awareness to the community and create an event that was fun for all the children,” said Ybrahim Gonzalez, Vice President of Business Development for UnitedHealthcare. “There are way too many uninsured kids in the state of Florida and we want to make everyone aware of how important it is to be covered.”

Dozens of kids of all ages from the Orlando area participated in all the thrilling activities, which highlighted different ways one can remain focused and committed to being physically fit.

After completing all of the activities and listening to all of the useful education about Florida KidCare from professionals in the field of health and sports, all of the participants earned prizes to reward them for their eagerness to learn more about health and fitness.

With the help from Magic Community Ambassadors Nick Anderson and Bo Outlaw along with Magic Basketball Camp Supervisor Antonio Perez and his expert staff, kids learned a variety of drills on the basketball court.

“This is a great opportunity for young men and women to take advantage of what is being shown to them,” Anderson said. “It’s something you can go home and put into your daily regimen.”

The Magic legend also emphasized how essential a nutritious diet is and how the combination of healthy eating and frequent exercise can transform a person’s confidence.

“It starts with your eating,” he said. “We all once upon a time liked junk food. There comes a time though that you have to get away from that.”

In addition to all the fun on the basketball court, Magic emcee Scotty B and the AirTran Flight Crew were on hand to bring some extra energy to the event as kids enjoyed dancing with Orlando’s favorite mascot, STUFF.

It was very apparent that all of the participants had a blast as smiles lit up across the gym.

Some of the attendees got their faces painted and took photos with Anderson, Outlaw and other coordinators of the event.

To learn more about Florida KidCare, please visit and find out how to get started in this program.

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