Cohen: Favorite All-Time Magic Team?

By Josh Cohen
December 28, 2011

ORLANDO -- I am always flabbergasted to hear people tell me who their favorite all-time teams are.

For example, it’s always fascinating to listen to some of the old-timers explain to me why the New York Yankees of the 1970’s (ex. Reggie Jackson, Bucky Dent) was a more adored team than the Yankees of the late 1990’s (ex. Paul O’Neal, Scott Brosius). Or similarly, it’s enlightening to hear a New England Patriots supporter describe why they admired the 2001 Super Bowl team more than the 2003 or 2004 championship teams.

There are a variety of reasons why sports fans may cling to a particular year/roster rather than a team as a whole.

Perhaps it had something to do with their work/school schedule at the time. For instance, maybe they were more available to watch the team in a certain year that permitted them to be more focused on the everyday events of the team.

Possibly it has something to do with the personalities of the players. For example, maybe a fan was able to identify with a specific roster that allowed them to enjoy that group’s championship quest.

As these thoughts tend to do, I started getting curious which all-time Orlando Magic team captured the attention of fans the most.

Although certainly for you it could have been during a peculiar season, I would imagine that most Magic fans cling to one of seven teams of the past/present.

Perhaps it’s the inaugural 1989-90 campaign just because it was the first year central Floridians had the opportunity to call a team their own.

Or maybe it was the 1994-95 season, which was the first time the Magic advanced to the NBA Finals.

Many locals still talk about the 1999-00 team -- nicknamed "Heart & Hustle" -- because of their relentless hard work and incredible fortitude to win 41 games without a true star.

How about the Cinderella 2002-03 team? Although not exactly the most talented roster in team history, that squad nearly pulled off the greatest upset in NBA history.

We can never forget the 2008-09 team, which overcame countless obstacles to earn a trip to The Finals.

And the 2009-10 team provided fans with periods of total dominance – sweeping their first two opponents in the playoffs.

It was apparent during Orlando's preseason game against Miami and again during the home opener against Houston that this year's team is set to be one of the most popular Magic teams of all time.

Here are/were the starting lineups for these seven seasons. After glancing over the rosters, vote on which Magic team is your all-time favorite.

Sam Vincent

Reggie Theus

Mark Acres

Terry Catledge

Otis Smith
Penny Hardaway

Nick Anderson

Shaquille O'Neal

Horace Grant

Dennis Scott
Darrell Armstrong

Ron Mercer

John Amaechi

Bo Outlaw

Ben Wallace
Jacque Vaughn

Tracy McGrady

Andrew DeClercq

Drew Gooden

Gordan Giricek

Courtney Lee

Dwight Howard

Rashard Lewis

Hedo Turkoglu
Jameer Nelson

Vince Carter

Dwight Howard

Rashard Lewis

Matt Barnes
Jameer Nelson

Jason Richardson

Dwight Howard

Ryan Anderson

Hedo Turkoglu

Which is your favorite Magic team of all-time?
Which is your favorite Magic team of all-time?
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