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Cohen: It Would Be Cool If...

By Josh Cohen
September 19, 2011

ORLANDO -- As part of a new series on called "It Would Be Cool If..." I will brainstorm a variety of ideas that would be entertaining for the NBA. Some proposals may be realistic, others not, but the purpose of this series is to just be creative and offer innovative ideas. In this edition, I propose an idea to include an NBA Dance Team competition at NBA All-Star Weekend.


There are many reasons why NBA All-Star Weekend is one of the best, most electrifying sporting events in the world.

From the various competitions like the Sprite Slam Dunk contest and the Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout to all the musical acts and performances to the alluring ambiance throughout the host city, there is never a desiccated moment during the festivities.

There is one suggestion, however, I propose to further enhance NBA All-Star Weekend: An NBA Dance Team Competition.

One of the prevalent successes in television entertainment over the last decade has been the launch and innovation of music-oriented shows. Aside from the ever-popular American Idol, programs such as Dancing with the Stars, America’s Best Dance Crew and So You Think You Can Dance have been colossal triumphs.

As a result, the suggestion to include a competition during All-Star Weekend that would allow all 30 NBA Dance Teams to battle against each other in front of certified judges, an effervescent stadium crowd and television viewers would likely be an instant hit.

In addition to passionate and casual basketball fans who will always cheer for their favorite teams regardless of what the competition is, those who perhaps don’t normally follow the league but are interested in music, dancing and live entertainment would also likely tune in.

The plan would be to invite all 30 NBA Dance Teams to the All-Star Weekend host city. After each squad collaborates on a routine, they each spend some time rehearsing before revealing the finished product in front of the critics and casual spectators.

Josh Cohen
Intended to be an all-day affair, the 30 teams perform one after another at one of the All-Star locations. After each team performs, the judges and votes from the viewers decide the winning dance team.

In March every year, holds a NBA Dance Team Bracket, which features each squad performing a routine over the web. Fans can vote on which performance they find more impressive among each matchup and the team with the most votes advances to the next round until a champion is crowned.

While understandably the proposal to send each dance team to the All-Star Weekend host city would be quite expensive, especially when it’s evidently feasible to just record each crew perform a routine and post online, it would likely be more compelling for them to carry out a live recital.

Such a competition would also highlight how hard all NBA dancers work throughout the season. From auditions to training camp to in-season rehearsals, there is a lot that goes into forming an elite dance team. NBA All-Star Weekend, furthermore, would be the perfect time for these entertainers to show off their talents.