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Cohen: Camp Treasure

By Josh Cohen
October 6, 2011

ORLANDO -- For 60 kids in Central Florida, Thursday at school was almost certainly like no other regular day.

Each likely had atypical anticipation to walk into school and chat with their friends. There were probably dozens of fun-filled stories flying around about each of his or her extraordinary experiences from Wednesday night.

Classmates of these mini celebrities may have stopped at each of his or her friends’ lockers and desks just to hear about all the anecdotes and reminiscences.

Thursday at school must have been full of storytelling for these 60 kids after Wednesday’s occasion that included meeting the entire Orlando Magic Basketball Operations department, learning hoops drills from Head Coach Stan Van Gundy and having play time with their favorite mascot, STUFF.

The parents, all Magic season ticket holders, watched each of their son’s and daughter’s eyes light up from the dazzling Amway Center practice court.

And it didn’t stop there.

After spending an hour practicing ball handling, passing and shooting drills, all of the kids got to enjoy a delicious Papa John’s pizza dinner and some ice cream with all the toppings for dessert.

“This is awesome,” one kid said towards the conclusion of the event.

Aside from having the opportunity to watch some of the greatest athletes in the world in person throughout the NBA season, the attendees discovered why there are so many advantages to being a season ticket holder.

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Also, keep up to date on all Orlando Magic Basketball Camp information by clicking here. Shortly, fall and winter camp details will be released.