Cohen: I Wouldn't Be Shocked If...





Cohen's Analysis: Before you accuse me of losing my mind, let me elaborate.

Let's say all this transpires by July: Pau Gasol is traded for complimentary pieces by the deadline. Dwight Howard decides to leave L.A. when he becomes a free agent. Steve Nash's injury problems persist and is unable to return to familiar form.

By the summer, it is entirely possible that Kobe Bryant, who will be entering the last year of his deal and has implied he would consider retiring once his contract expires in 2014, is sitting in Hollywood all alone with practically zero support.

While inconceivable to believe now, it wouldn't shock me if Kobe demanded a trade out of Los Angeles next summer to play for a championship contender in an effort to win his sixth ring and match the illustrious Michael Jordan.

Yes, it's extraordinarily far-fetched to believe this would actually happen, but remember, Bryant has asked to be traded before.