Cohen: I Wouldn't Be Shocked If...





Cohen's Analysis: Assuming Brook Lopez returns healthy from his sprained foot, I wouldn't be shocked if the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers play each other in the NBA Finals this season.

Before Lopez' injury, the Nets were one of the hottest, most multidimensional teams in the league. It's disconcerting that Brooklyn's star-powered backcourt of Deron Williams and Joe Johnson hasn't glistened, however one would believe they will both return to expected form.

It may sound outlandish, but up until his recent setback, Lopez' offensive repertoire resembled that of Tim Duncan during his glory days.

The Clippers, meanwhile, are loaded with talent at every position and have the deepest bench in the NBA. They also have the perfect blend of youth and experience. It would be only fitting for Chris Paul and D-Will, rivals from the 2005 NBA Draft, to clash for the title.

It would also be amusing if the two "second-tier" franchises in their respective cities advanced this far.