Cohen: Hey Chicago & NY, Where Are You?

By Josh Cohen
July 11, 2012

ORLANDO -- While the Brooklyn Nets, Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and Atlanta Hawks are said to be the most likely trade partners of the Orlando Magic for Dwight Howard, there are other clubs that seem to have far better assets.

The Chicago Bulls with Joakim Noah, Luol Deng and Taj Gibson are appealing because of how defensively committed they are to evolving into an elite team.

And the New York Knicks with Jeremy Lin, particularly, and Tyson Chandler are enticing because of marketability and global magnetism.

I have scripted letters to each of the general managers of these two teams explaining to them why they each should get involved in the Howard trade talks.

OPEN LETTTERS: Bulls | Knicks

Dear Mr. Glen Grunwald:

I am writing this letter to open your eyes to a very exciting and rewarding opportunity for you and your organization.

As you probably already know, Dwight Howard is on the trading block. And while the Orlando Magic would love to retain Howard for many years to come, he hasn’t given indication he wants to be in Orlando any longer.

In fact Mr. Grunwald, Howard has requested a trade despite having another year on his contract before becoming a free agent next summer.

Understanding your job responsibilities, I know you are in the loop of all the various rumors surrounding Howard and other players around the league. You are probably aware the Nets, Lakers, Rockets and Hawks are teams trying desperately to make a deal happen to acquire Mr. Howard.

In case you are a little uninformed, however, let me remind you that Brooklyn – Howard’s preferred landing destination at this point – is incapable of attaining Howard next summer as a result of the assorted transactions it has completed over the last week.

The contracts of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace and assuming they preserve Brook Lopez are too steep and lengthy for the Nets to sign Howard next summer when he does indeed become an unrestricted free agent.

And with that detailed for you, it’s also important for you to be reminded that Howard has specified that there are no other teams he desires to play for at this moment.

You, of course, know that the Nets have moved over to Brooklyn to try and challenge your standing amongst basketball enthusiasts across New York.

They have already made a big splash, as I detailed before with the various acquisitions from last week, and if they were to secure Howard for the next several years, it’s possible many fans will start to transport from Manhattan to your little brother borough.

It may be of optimal interest of yours and your franchise to deny the Nets from instantly transforming into a championship powerhouse.

And knowing full well that Howard won’t have the ability to join the Nets because of their salary cap restrictions next year, it would seem only rational for D12 to opt for the borough that doesn’t sleep instead of the BK.

Of course, like any business decision, there is a price to this extremely gratifying opportunity.

The Magic know you have some outstanding assets that could help the city of Orlando get excited about their team.

For the price of Jeremy Lin via a sign-and-trade, Tyson Chandler and a future First Round draft pick, the most governing center of the last five years and next five years could be all yours.

I hope you will take this opportunity to review this package and reach out to Rob Hennigan to discuss any details to get this moving in the right direction.


Josh Cohen

P.S. I have stapled a picture in this letter to illustrate what you could see on a nightly basis

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