Cohen Courtside: Wednesday vs. Wizards (Part 3)




Cohen's Analysis: Sure, it’s extremely early to start mentioning, let alone analyzing, the playoff picture. We have only concluded a quarter of the season and whole lot could be different when the postseason is actually around the corner.

But what happens in December is just as important as what happens in March. So, let’s discuss it.

Since the preseason, we have debated whether it would have been more beneficial if the Magic exceeded expectations, defied the critics and rapidly raised optimism by advancing to the playoffs in the first year of this renovation or if dealing with more typical growing pains and landing a high lottery draft pick would be most advantageous.

The health of Glen Davis, who injured his shoulder during Wednesday’s victory, may determine how much can be accomplished this season.

For so long, we have assumed that if Orlando did indeed advance to the playoffs, it’s best case scenario was a No. 7 or 8 seed.

However, with assumed to be legitimate championship contenders such as Boston and Brooklyn struggling and with a plethora of injuries to some of the other playoff worthy clubs including Philadelphia’s Andrew Bynum, Indiana’s Danny Granger and Chicago’s Derrick Rose, is it absurd to propose that the Magic could actually not only get into the postseason but also earn a relatively higher seed (perhaps No. 5 or 6)?

Maybe that’s being too optimistic, but hey, just citing it as a possibility is exciting.