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2 of 2 WOOOOO!

Cohen's Analysis: For those of you who have watched World Wrestling Entertainment through the years, you know it’s all about uncanny storylines, peculiar characters and fast and furious entertainment.

It’s rather cool that J.J. Redick, who participated in a fun Google+ Hangout with some of his biggest fans on Tuesday, has adopted WWE legend Ric Flair’s celebratory shouting of “Woooooo!” after knocking down 3-pointers.

If J.J. can add in some of those other in-ring antics such as Flair’s strutting and replicate any of his famous and amusing post-match interviews like the one below, Redick will likely attract an entire new fan base.

And most importantly, he will categorically surpass Steve Novak’s discount double check as the best post-shot reaction in the league.

Like it is in the NFL after a touchdown or big sack on the quarterback, I think it would be very entertaining if there were more celebratory observances in the hoops universe.

I applaud Redick for incorporating more flamboyance -- or should I say "flair" -- to his repertoire.


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