Do you think the Kings should stay in Sacramento or move to Seattle?

Cohen's Analysis: Regardless of the outcome, one community will be elated and another will be distraught. It’s a sensitive topic, but I’m a believer that a team should never be moved unless it is impractical for them to stay.

It’s easy to disregard the allegiance of Kings fans in Sac-town because of how abysmal the team has been the last several years. But if you recall the early part of this century when the Kings were on the cusp of the NBA Finals in 2002, you know just how passionate that fan base can be.

Seattle deserves an NBA franchise, especially after what transpired a few years ago with the repositioning of the Sonics. But if there is enough financial support in the California capital – which it sounds like there is – it may be most rational for them to remain in Sacramento.


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