Cohen’s Analysis: Bosh averaged 24 points and nearly 11 rebounds in his final season in Toronto. The Raptors failed to reach the postseason that year, however, and nobody expected him to stay in Canada.

When he chose the Heat in 2010, it was automatically assumed that Bosh would be the third wheel of a Big Three. And that has generally been accurate considering Bosh’s stats have plummeted since joining the Heat.

However, here is a case of deciding between individual accolades and team success. Bosh couldn’t have both. He opted to be a part of the team glory, which now stands at two championships with an opportunity for more.

His decision next summer when he can again become a free agent will be very revealing about how he has felt these past few years. Does Bosh want to try and restore the kind of individual success he once had or is winning the only thing that truly matters?




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