Cohen's Analysis: Still to this day Vince Carter gets booed incessantly when he plays in Toronto against his former team, the Raptors. For the first several years of his career, VC or “Air Canada” as he was affectionately nicknamed, was an iconic, adored and esteemed figure throughout Canada.

But after a few disappointing seasons with the Raptors, Carter became disgruntled with the direction of the franchise and essentially wanted out. However, reports later had surfaced that actually Vince had altered his thinking and preferred to embrace Toronto’s future plans. Nonetheless, management opted to trade Carter to New Jersey in late 2004.

Credit extra motivation, every time VC would return to Toronto as a member of the Nets he would flourish, including burying this game-winning 3-pointer. Also, NJ eliminated Toronto in the First Round of the 2007 NBA Playoffs.



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