Cohen 8-Ball: Reliving Magical Moments

Chris Duhon’s Josh Cohen describes memorable plays and moments in franchise history.

Celebration Dance

Chris Duhon’s performance during his two-year stint with the Magic wasn't really anything to marvel at. He averaged just 3.2 points and 2.4 assists per game.

However, there was one thing Duhon did that keeps him somewhat fresh in Magic fan’s minds.

It was in Game 1 of the Magic’s First Round playoff series against the Pacers in 2012. With Orlando on the verge of stealing home-court advantage away from Indiana following an infamous travel violation on Danny Granger, Duhon delivered an unforgettably entertaining celebration routine.

It immediately became known as “The Travel Dance” and despite it being two years old now, it still gets a chuckle from just about everyone who watches it. He even explained where the dance originated. Watch footage below.