Cohen's Analysis: Hedo Turkolgu and Al Harrington, who both dealt with serious injuries all season and are no longer the kind of difference-makers they once were, have partially guaranteed contracts for next season and could be waived at a reduced rate.

While neither is expected to be a part of the Magic’s long-term plans, the debate here is whether there is enough value to preserve one or both of them rather than just simply relinquishing them.

Turk, for instance, is due to make $12 million next season before his contract expires. Orlando could waive him and pay him $6 million instead, or it could keep him and try to use his expiring deal in a potential blockbuster trade.

Many of the league’s all-time prominent trades involved a massive expiring contract. The Celtics, for example, acquired Kevin Garnett in 2007 with the assistance of Theo Ratliff’s huge terminating deal.




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