More Likely to Overhaul Roster: Bulls or Grizzlies?

Cohen’s Analysis: Bulls

The injuries to Derrick Rose and Marc Gasol may completely change the way Chicago and Memphis view the rest of this season and beyond. While it remains uncertain how long each will be out – Rose dealing with a torn right meniscus and Gasol suffering from a Grade 2 MCL sprain – it may be necessary to renovate these rosters and build for the future.

While they all have relatively expensive contracts, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson are all attractive pieces for title contending teams to look at in any potential trade. If they can unload any, if not all, of these contracts by the trade deadline, the Bulls will be able to position themselves for a high draft pick in June and have plenty of salary cap space to make a run at any of the prized free agents next summer.




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