Cohen 8-Ball: NBA Trade Proposals (12/11/13)



Cohen’s Analysis: First off, it is not a guarantee Rondo will be the same player when he returns from his injury. Second, while Boston has gotten off to a surprising start this season, it certainly doesn’t have enough talent to advance far into the playoffs. And third, after already acquiring future draft picks from the Nets in the Garnett/Pierce deal, they might as well collect a few more and build primarily through the draft.

Even with a healthy and successful Rondo, the Kings would still struggle to make the playoffs this season. As a result, attaining an unprotected pick would increase the Celtics’ chances of landing one of the prized prospects in the upcoming draft. It is important to note, however, that if the Kings do not select between 1-12 in 2014, that pick will go to the Cavaliers as part of the J.J. Hickson/Omri Casspi deal from a couple of years ago.

Also, Thomas has played extremely well this season and is a candidate for Most Improved Player honors and McLemore has a ton of potential to become an All-Star caliber player.




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