Cohen 8-Ball: Magic Decisions


Cohen's Analysis: Ever since trading Dwight Howard last August, it’s been unambiguous that the Magic aspire to have as much financial flexibility as possible over the next couple of years. With a plethora of impending salary cap space, Orlando will have the opportunity to lure star-studded free agents to town.

It became even more feasible last month when the Magic traded J.J. Redick, a free agent this summer who many believe will warrant an annual salary in the range of $7-10 million a season.

If Orlando accomplishes what Miami worked out a few years ago when it was so far underneath the cap to persuade LeBron, Wade & Bosh to form, arguably, the most prolific Big Three in NBA history, it’s very pragmatic for the Magic to assemble something similar.

As a result, it would be most rational for Orlando to continue on this path and not offer lengthy and sizeable contracts to any upcoming free agents this summer and potentially in 2014 as well. If one team in Florida can flourish with this formula, there is no reason the other sunshine state team can’t.