Cohen 8-Ball: Five NBA Proposals



Cohen’s Analysis: From all the NBA enthusiasts in China and the Philippines to the rousing supporters across European countries like Spain, Italy and France to the inspired hoops fanatics in South America, imagine a month with the best athletes in the world in their backyard.

My vision is rather simple: All 30 teams would divide into six allotments – forming divisions of five spread throughout the world during October’s exhibition schedule.

It would clearly be costly for every team to spend a relatively significant portion of time in various countries spread across several continents. But when you consider the impact, the investment seems well worth it.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has repeatedly stated that he wants the game to become as global as possible. There have even been talks in the past of creating NBA teams that would be hosted in other countries outside of North America.

This proposal would be a beginner's step to expand the game and increase its popularity across the world.