Cohen 8-Ball: Analyzing Team Architecture



Cohen’s Analysis: It’s an abused method and perhaps it will fail. But the Nets went with a very simplistic technique. Collect as many household names as possible and hope it gels properly.

On one hand, it’s a scheme that makes sense in that the teams with the most proven talent usually are in a favorable position to compete for a title. On the other hand, sometimes we ignore the reality that players aren’t what they once were and their names are bigger, stronger and more attractive than their current performance level.

It can be deceiving, especially when you want to believe guys like Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson are still top 20-25 players in the NBA. As the season unfolds, we will learn more about this method Brooklyn has chosen.

WHAT NETS PROVED: Follow basic formulas and don’t worry about expectations and pressure. Let talent be the ruler of all and don’t try and get too creative.




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