Cohen 8-Ball: Analyzing Team Architecture



Cohen’s Analysis: Sometimes misfortune is only temporary. David Robinson had the Spurs in championship contention in the mid 90s before a back and foot injury in 1996 knocked him out for most of that season. A loss of their best player meant a tumble in the standings. However, San Antonio ended up sacrificing one dreadful season for more than a dozen of accomplished ones.

Some draft lottery luck delivered Tim Duncan to San Antonio in 1997 – two years prior to the Spurs capturing their first of four NBA titles. But as we learned a few years later, luck wasn’t the only reason for San Antonio’s climb in status.

When most assumed foreign talent couldn’t adapt to the American game, the Spurs silenced that notion when they drafted Manu Ginobili (1999) and Tony Parker (2001). They created a shift in mindset for the rest of the league. Teams often select prospects from overseas because of the success San Antonio had.

WHAT SPURS PROVED: You need to take chances in the NBA. Sometimes a concept is assumed to be off beam when it actually hasn’t been explored yet.




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