The Chicago Bulls will receive the Charlotte Bobcats’ First Round pick IF it is outside the top 10. If the Bobcats are slotted anywhere between 1 and 10, the stipulation will be a top 8 protected pick in 2015. If the Bobcats are positioned between 1 and 8 in 2015 then the condition becomes an unprotected pick in 2016.

HOW IT HAPPENED: It was agreed to as part of the Tyrus Thomas trade at the deadline in 2010. The stipulation has carried over from year to year because the Bobcats have had high lottery picks since 2011.

ANALYSIS: This proved to be a dreadful deal for Charlotte and could be very rewarding for Chicago, especially if it transfers all the way to 2016 when the pick is unprotected. The Bobcats amnestied Thomas this past summer.




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