The Charlotte Bobcats will receive the Portland Trail Blazers’ First Round pick IF it is outside the top 12. If the Blazers are slotted anywhere between 1 and 12, the same stipulation will go into effect in 2015. If again Portland is positioned prior to #13 in 2015 then the condition becomes an unprotected pick in 2016.

HOW IT HAPPENED: It was agreed to as part of the Gerald Wallace trade at the deadline in 2011. The Bobcats had acquired three expiring contracts (ex. Joel Przybilla), a 2011 First Round pick (which Charlotte traded to Milwaukee on draft night, Tobias Harris) and a conditional 2013 First Round pick. That stipulation did not get applied in 2013, which is why it has carried over to 2014.

ANALYSIS: Unless Portland completely collapses; it appears this pick will indeed head over to Charlotte this year. Unfortunately for the Bobcats, it will likely be slotted in the 20s because of how superb the Blazers have been this season.




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